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Cooking: Read-Learn-EnjoyCooks on all levels will come across unfamiliar terms in recipes about which they might want to learn more. This website provides a first-of-its kind Wikipendium of more than 1,000 terms found in recipes: Foods, Ingredients, Tools and Techniques. All of this cooking knowledge is now taken from the 2013 edition of The Essential Cook (now titled My Cooking Coach), by Charles Delmar.

However, this is just the beginning …

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You can access this cooking knowledge in several ways…

  • Bottom up – Using the Find button on the Wikipendium page, you can look up definitions and other elements of cooking knowledge within the context of other meaningful information. Alternatively, we think you will find it fun to simply scroll through the list of cooking terms, using hyperlinks to explore and learn as you go.
  • Top DownThe Contents in Brief provides hyperlinks to individual chapters so you can read the website like a textbook (in the college sense of the word). Unlike textbooks, though, more than 5,000 hyperlinks convey you to additional information (and back from where you started) at the tap of a finger.
  • Inside Out – The Links section provides immediate access to other websites where you can find additional information we think you will find very helpful.
  • Outside In – We invite food writers to link cooking terms in your published online recipes to the Definitions, Master Recipes and other elements in our Wikipendium. In this way, you can greatly expand your audience by providing the additional information your readers might want (or need) with little work, and no expense to you. Click here for instructions or contact:


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