Cooking Knowledge On-line: Links to Explore

Helpful Food & Cooking Sites

  • Tested Recipes – provides thousands of free, tested recipes (complete with nutrition information) from published cookbooks by hundreds of well-known chefs and cookbook authors. In this way, you can get to know an author and their writing/recipe style before you purchase their book(s).
  • Cooking Lessons – Using self-paced video lessons by professional chefs, offers individual cooking lessons you might want in your own kitchen for as little as $29!
  • Manage Your Recipes – Manage your recipes to suit your needs using software for PC or Macintosh computers from
  • Meal Planning Phone AppSpinningMeals is an iPhone App that plans your weekly meals for you. It will soon be available for other platforms, so please check the website for availability.
  • Bring your family closer together one meal at a time – In a time when the pressure of so many disparate activities seem to make many families feel more and more disconnected, offers a complete kit (including menus and special downloadable printable activity table placemats) of fun, family-oriented activities for at least one sit-down family meal a week.
  • Eat Your Cookbooks – is a website that enables users to organize and locate recipes from their favorite cookbooks, magazines, and blogs with one simple search.
  • Jump Start Cooking – On, our friend, Donovan Fandre, demonstrates how to save time, work and money using your microwave cooker.
  • What’s the future for cookbooks? – In this app-enabled digital age, what’s the future for the printed cookery book? Andrew Webb finds out.
  • Fine Cooking – Coach’s Favorite Cooking Magazine.
  • Top 50 Global Food Security Blogs – Food security is a public health issue, and one that concerns many health administrators as well as the public. The top 50 global food security blogs listed on this site all point to health as the bottom line.

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