The Only Cooking Reference You Will Ever Need!

The following excerpts from reviewers’ quotes are a representative sample from the scores of positive reviews The Essential Cook received when it was first published.

Chapel Hill Herald (NC): December, 1990
More than 3,000 cookbooks were published in 1989 (in the United States, alone). Of those 3,000, only 13 received the prestigious International Association of Cooking Professionals/Seagram Award. Charles Delmar of Chapel Hill was one of the 13.

Modern Bride: December, 1990
This award-winning book deals with the craft of cooking, or everything you really need to know. Designed to teach cooks of every level, it covers the basic concepts and fundamental principles of cooking.

New England Bride: May, 1991
A Must for Every Kitchen … The information is essential for everyone who cooks. Written clearly and directly, it is the perfect gift for brides and grooms.

Restaurants USA (Monthly Magazine of the National Restaurant Association): November, 1990
He (Delmar) has written a book that has been applauded by novices as well as restaurateurs, chefs, cookbook writers and food critics.

The Book Report (Journal for Jr/Sr School Librarians): May, 1989
Home Economics teachers will wonder how they have survived without it.

Center for Men’s Studies (a non-profit resource for information about men)

The Gourmet Co-Op: September/October, 1991
If you could take all the cookbooks you’ve ever seen, extract from them the best of their usable information (apart from the recipes), organize it all by topic, and put the whole thing in interesting, easy-to-understand language – why, then you’d have The Essential Cook.

Women’s Circle: November/December, 1990
An ideal textbook for the beginning cook as well as an invaluable reference for anyone who is interested in foods and cooking.

Coast & Country (Living Well North of Boston): July-August 1989
It’s a great gift for a new bride, bridegroom, your 21-year-old who is finally moving into his/her own place, or the newly-divorced non-cook.

Your Health: January, 1991
Cookbooks contain recipes that focus on the variations. This recipe-free book focuses on the similarities.

Journal of Academic Librarianship: 1990
The Essential Cook serves as a companion to cookbooks, emphasizing preparatory procedures and special cooking techniques rather than specific recipes.

Raleigh News & Observer: November 8, 1989
It is not a coffee table book; rather, it should be kept within reach of the kitchen counter as a reference.

San Jose Mercury News: November 28, 1990
There has been a spate of basic cookbooks over the past two years … Delmar’s book is the best of the bunch.

Myrtle Beach Sun News: January, 1990
Throw away your Joy of Cooking, your Betty Crocker bible and the Julia Child you can’t live without. Now there’s The Essential Cook.

The Desert News (Salt Lake City, UT): November, 1989
In simple, straight-forward language, author Charles Delmar provides a beginning course in cooking. The Essential Cook is an important resource manual containing answers to every question imaginable about the processes of food preparation.

The Albany Herald: Dec. 6, 1989
It shows, with copious illustrations, how to master basic cooking methods and techniques, how recipes are organized and how to convert one, how to make sauces, how to store food, and more.

Palm Beach Daily News: September, 1990
Written in clear, direct and at times even charming language, The Essential Cook is an ideal textbook for a beginning cook as well as an informative reference for even the most accomplished cook.

Richmond News Leader: May, 1989
It’s an ideal choice for beginning cooks … Best of all, The Essential Cook is an invaluable reference for accomplished cooks.

Richmond Times-Dispatch: November 30, 1989
This is a how-to book: how to roast meats, how to steam vegetables, how to fry poultry, how to make a white sauce and even – ta-da – how to separate eggs … Even if you already know how to separate eggs, it’s a valuable reference book to have on the shelf.