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So far as we know, is the first Wikipendium of Cooking Knowledge to be published on the Internet. You are invited to add your cooking knowledge (anything BUT individual recipes, that is) by submitting the form provided below. *

Begin with a Definition and then, if you like, add a Description, Cook’s Guide, Cooking Considerations or Master Recipe, similar to those already on the Website. If our judges agree, we will add your knowledge and give you credit, even a link to your Website or social media page of your choice. In this way, you can help us make the world a better, more healthy, place in which to eat.

* The publication of suggestions is subject to our acceptance. (No recipes for individual dishes will be considered or accepted.) In submitting a suggestion for a correction or new information for a Definition, Description, Cook’s Guide, Cooking Consideration or Master Recipe, the contributor affirms that the information is (to the best of their knowledge) original and their property to contribute. (See related article.) All contributions become the property of Cooking Coach Corp. LLC to be published as it wishes. However, the name as well as the URL for the Website or blog of the contributor, will be associated with the attribution in whatever form (print or electronic) it is published. We reserve the right to edit your contribution to be similar to the language and style of other, similar, entries on the Website.

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