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In this Wikipendium of Cooking Knowledge you can learn more about terms used in recipes to become a better, more creative cook. In the Wikipendium’s unique Glossary/Index you can find definitions for over 1,000 basic cooking terms. Simply scroll through the list, learning as you go.

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   Cooking and Foods for Novice through Know-It-All

My Cooking Coach, Cooking Knowledge at Your FingertipsWhen Charles Delmar first started to cook, he looked for a book to teach him, but … “All I could find were books written in Recipeze, a language I (and most cooks) could not understand,” he says. And so Delmar wrote The Essential Cook, a textbook of cooking knowledge that explains the basic elements of cooking in plain English. He must have done a pretty good job because The Essential Cook received scores of rave reviews and was the winner of the 1989 Writings award given by the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals).

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Delmar’s book are its Cook’s Guides that inform readers how to: plan, select, store, prepare, cook (including more than fifty Master Recipes), flavor and serve just about any food you can think of.

“I wrote my book for beginning cooks,” says Delmar. “What amazed me, though, is the attention and praise it received from really good cooks, even professional chefs.” As a result of a contact with one of the first reviewers for his book, Delmar was invited to be a featured speaker at the International Food Media Conference. That led to The Essential Cook being nominated for an IACP award that he won.

On the Beginners end of the cooking spectrum, Modern Bride recommended The Essential Cook and New England Bride featured it under the headline, “A Must for Every Kitchen.” On the Professional end, Restaurants USA (the monthly magazine of the National Restaurant Assn.) featured it in a four page feature article (in a twelve page journal) and it received an IACP award, the highest honor a book on foods and cooking can get. In between, the Myrtle Beach Sun News reviewed it under the headline, “Throw away your Joy of Cooking, your Betty Crocker Bible, and the Julia Child you thought you could not live without. Now, there is The Essential Cook.” (Read these and other Reviews for the first edition.)

. . . and now the Wikipendium

Delmar says he has revised his book to meet the needs of a new generation of cooks. “Today’s readers want information instantly, in bite-sized pieces and at the tap of a finger.” The new 2013 edition is available as a PDF Hyper Book with more than 5,000 hyperlinks that can be read on any computer or eBook Reader, a 500-page printed Learning/Reference, and in the Wikipendium of Cooking Knowledge on –an informative, one-of-a-kind website.